суббота, 10 декабря 2016 г.

In her first pregnancy, when you're confused and disoriented, so hard to choose for themselves the things that will really serve as a diversion and facilitate the existence of, and will not simply attributes and incredibly expensive dust collectors ...

Pillow for pregnant and breast-Malusha my unfailing assistant part make life easier. However, so far as I can judge only from the point of view of a pregnant woman, but I think in the future it will not let me.

Soft, comfortable, host your body shape, it is ideal for sleep and rest somewhere in the fifth month of pregnancy. Nice looking colors options. A good choice. Removable washable cover, pillow case with zipper. Its length in expanded state of one hundred and eighty centimeters.

Remarkably fit into the interior. and at the same time used to complete me. However, as seen in the photo and others in my absence I would not mind my experience the advantages Malusha.)

As soon as I found out after some amount of time we Get a toddler, immediately began to think about buying special pillows. Back I have not the healthiest, the appearance of belly frankly frightened and need to buy a night savior was evident immediately.

I can not say that I spent a lot of time to choose - on the pillow saw Vayldberriz Fest, was impressed by the fact that beneath it was more than 300 positive reviews - and ordered.


The price was, in my view, very attractive - with all kinds of discounts, I took her to 600 with something rubles.
The abundance of beautiful colors. Blue and pink, green and yellow, with various positive pictures - mimimi and nyanyanya.
Convenience. I finally began to get enough sleep. Sometimes untied and lay, with his legs, sometimes "burrow into the horseshoe" and the other half held the husband - sleeping on half of my pregnancy pillows, scoundrel
Removable pillowcase shut. Washable. All.
Multimoulds: Banana on a gross basis, horseshoe - in collapsed (fixed zavyazochki).
Versatility. Very handy: Depending on my mood, well-being and purpose, you can use the so-so. And when the baby is born, it will be possible to use it as a constraint of movement, to avoid sudden "bydyschsch" from the couch. But if the airbag survive as ...


Fragility. Filling: hollofayber. I sleep on a bed near a couple of months, and she was pretty worn out. I suspect that if she would live until the baby, then it certainly will not be a long-liver
Pillowcase is not of the highest quality. After the first washing (washing. Machine, delicate wash, 30 °) lost heavily in color and looks as if she is five years old.
Total: normal option for your money. If you want a cheap pillow to sleep during pregnancy - I would recommend. but do not expect that it will last for many years and you will bear five children, it is not lounging Smile